Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes 2022 (Updated List)

call of duty mobile redeem codes

Do you want Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes that you can redeem? I want to notify you that you’re at the right place because this article provides all Active and expired redeem codes for the Call Of Duty Mobile.

Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem codes is a way to get rewards in-game for free, so here we’re providing you some helpful Promo codes of Call of Duty Mobile rewards like crates, weapon XP cards, emotes, etc. Call of duty mobile is the multiplayer shooting game launched in 2019. The developers of these games are TiMi studios and Tencent games.

But actually, this game was released by Unity and designed with amazing 3D graphics and smooth gameplay. This game has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. Call of duty mobile is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store.

Latest Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes

If you’re a Call Of Duty fan, you’ll love this! We have all the newest Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes, so come and take a look. It’s finally here! The long-awaited Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes has finally arrived. We’re so excited to have the codes for this game on our site.

○ Active Codes

Following are the Active/working Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes.

  • BMRNZBZNKC – Random Reward
  • BJUCZBZ448  – Random Reward
  • BGMRZBZ6SH – Alligator Alley skin
  • BGMVZBZCU8  – Random Reward
  • BLILZCZ5UE – Random Reward
  • BMRCZCZ5CS – Neck Crack Emote
  • BGMVZBZCU8 – Reward Crate

○ Expired Codes

Following are the Inactive/Expired Call Of Duty Mobile Redeem Codes.

  • BJMJZCZ98HCode Reward
  • BJMNZCZWC6Code Reward
  • BFNUZHBLOZ55A6UCode Reward


If you don’t know how to redeem call of duty mobile redeem codes, don’t worry. Just follow these steps:

  • Go to the Call of Duty mobile official redemption website
  • Enter your username and fill out the captcha
  • Enter code and click redeem
  • Open the game and get rewards from the mailbox


As you know, that cod mobile has many features, but some of them are described below. I hope that you will like them.


It is a battle royale battleground game. You can play it with friends or unknown players. It has many skin and guns which you can buy from the store. There are 100 or fewer players in the battleground, and you can play solo, in duos, and squad. You can make your squad, or you can have a random teammate. There are levels in this game. As your level increases, you can unlock many new modes, guns, and skins. Besides battleground, it also has many other matches.


The frontline is a multiplayer mode. In this 2 teams are made which play against each other. One team contains 5 players. A person can auto revive after death. Which team kills the 40 people first? This team wins. There is one selective gun at the start of the match, which you select in loadout, but you swap the guns with the person you kill.


In search and destroy, there are also two teams. And each team contains 5 players. In search and destroy, there is a nuclear bomb on one team. If your team gets the bomb, you have to take it and plant it at A, B, or C. After plantation; you have to protect it and make sure it explodes after the bomb blast. You got one win. There is 5 match in this. If the opposing team got the bomb, you have to protect points A, B, and C from the bomb plantation. But if someone plants the bomb, you have to defuse it.


In the gun game, there are individual players. First, you got a similar gun. But if you kill a person, the gun swaps with his gun automatically. There are points in this game on every kill. There are positions in this mode. The person with the highest point is placed in the first position. This mode unlocks after level 8.


It is the mode in which only snipers involves. Every person has snipers except for this change. The other methods are almost similar to the front line or other matches.


In hardpoint mode, there are two teams with 5 players. In this mode, they give some different areas you have to conquer and protect from other team’s players. There should be no player from the other team in the given area. It has a time limit. You have to remain in the area for a given time. After the time is complete, you earn points. The team which has the highest score wins the final victory!

• In Battle

There are many other modes which you can enjoy. In November 2019, there came a zombie mode. The person plays against the zombies. It is a great zombie experience. It is an endless survival mode. The player has to survive all the phases or waves of zombies. You can also choose difficulty in this mode. But this mode will be removed from the game in 2020.

There are several other modes. Similar to zombie mode, there was also a raid mode in which a person had to survive all zombies’ attacks. There is also a season pass. Every year, a new season pass comes that unlocks exclusive skins and guns and introduces some new modes.

Besides guns, several other weapons and equipment like grenades are used in every match: many grenade-like sticky grenades, a hand grenade, and many others. There is also a knife that helps kill enemies when you are out of ammo. A particular gun that charges, and you can use it for a few minutes. Fire guns, rocket launcher, and miniguns are some special guns—a drone, a nuclear bomb, and a chest in the chest. You got random equipment. There is also a helicopter that makes many kills in a few seconds. There is a stand machine gun that assists in killing enemies.


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