Taffy Tales Cheat Codes 2022 (Updated list)

taffy tales cheat codes

Do you want Taffy Tales Cheat Codes that you can use? I want to notify you that you’re at the right place because this article provides all Active and Expired cheat codes for Taffy Tales.

About Taffy Tales Cheat Codes

Taffy Tales is an HTML game by Miniclip, makers of web-based Flash games. It has Taffy Tales Cheat Codes & variety of features including quests and dynamic characters who move around in the game world in real time. There are monsters to fight, dungeons to explore, allies to recruit, and much more! The game is set in a fantasy world of floating islands where the citizens survive by fishing and farming. Taffy Tales can be a little confusing to play at first, but with this cheat code you’ll be on your way to becoming a Taffy Tales master in no time. Lest’s jump on Taffy Tales Cheat Codes!

Active Cheat Codes

Here Are Some Active Taffy Tales Cheat Codes:

  • ozllpw – Max Stats and Money
  • qmsaeg – Stat at new Update

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Taffy Tales Cheat Codes Rewards

Each Code has different rewards & we have mentioned detailed information about Taffy Tales Cheat Codes.

• Increase Stats & Money

The Taffy Tales Cheat Code to Max Stats & Money is just out there after you begin a new game. therefore to use it, launch the game, choose New Game and one within the window wherever you’ll be able to change the Mc game (before begin playing) you’ll see that below you’ll be able to Enter the Cheat Code.

  • To Increase Stats your stats and money you need the code = ozllpw V0.68.2a, qcjvhfli or arnmcq

•Save Unlock

By Help of Save unlock Cheat Code You’ll Begin right at the new update. If you want to do it, Open the game, Click on Load Game and then click on the padlock (Press to Unlock) and insert the cheat code. Also We have to insert the names for MC, Mary & Tiffany, but you don’t need help for that

  • The cheat code for the new update will be = qmsaeg V0.68.2a, gnkdoxbe or euueiu

• Make Money

Although Taffy Tales is free to play, you can purchase Membership or AdventureCoins if you want access to more features. There are three types of membership: Monthly, Gold and Lifetime. You can also purchase AdventureCoins using real money – the better the package the more coins you get!

As if all of these items weren’t enough, Miniclip also occasionally runs promotions where you can get bonus AdventureCoins or other items! Keep an eye out on the Taffy Tales website for more information. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Taffy Tales today and see how much fun it is! And don’t forget to use the cheat

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The Taffy Tales Cheat Code is “taffytales.” When you enter this code into the game, it will give you 10,000 gold coins. In Taffy Tales, there are several attributes including Strength, Dexterity, Agility, Constitution, Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma. These stats all contribute to battles and quests within the game. They also contribute to your success as a player overall – for example, without high enough Wisdom, you may not be able to search for hidden treasures in dungeons.

Taffy Tales Cheat Codes will help boost your stats. For example, if you equip the “Gleaming Helmet” to your Hero, it will increase your Strength by 2 points! There are also several different types of gems that can be found or purchased which can affect stats like Dexterity and Wisdom.

Taffy Tales Cheat Codes v0.68.2a

Discription – Taffy Tales

Taffy Tales, a new Android and iOS title from SilverTree Media Ltd., is now available as part of the Amazon App Store’s Android free app promotion campaign. The objective in all levels of Taffy Tales is to clear the screen of colorful taffy pieces by causing them to drop into the bucket at the bottom of each level. All taffy pieces are affected by gravity, so they will fall straight down. The player must manipulate various objects in order to divert the taffy’s path towards the bucket below.

Each new level introduces a variety of new game elements to build upon ideas introduced in previous levels. The player will encounter trampolines, blocks, explosives and saw blades among other things. The game features ninety-six puzzles with three stars on each level that can be collected by solving the puzzle perfectly, through clever thinking or experimenting with different solutions. Completing this task is not always as easy as it may seem, as some of the stars are hidden in hard-to-reach places.

The controls in Taffy Tales are simple and easy to use. The player simply taps and holds on an object to move it, then releases to let go. This makes for very smooth gameplay, with no annoying menus or buttons to get in the way. Completing levels is challenging, but not overly difficult. Some players may find themselves spending more time than they expected trying to get three stars.


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